Furniture Sizing & Delivery Guide


To ensure that your new furniture will be at home in your home, this useful guide is intended to prepare for its arrival. If required, DeHome can assist you with an access evaluation prior to ordering an item.


STEP 1: How To Measure Your Item

When buying new piece of furniture or larger piece of home decor, it’s essential to know that the item will fit well in the intended space and, even more importantly, that it will be able to get to the intended space.

Here are the measurements you’ll need to start off:


— Height (H)

— Width (W)

— Depth (D)

Expert tip: Use paper cut outs of the item's footprint to envision the piece in its planned space in a more visual way.

STEP 2: Delivery Day

Delivery day has arrived. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for our delivery team and your new addition:

  • — Keep a parking space free for our van (at least 40 feet for clearance)
  • — Ensure that the delivery path from van to entryway is clear of physical items and hazards
  • — Remove any furniture, artwork, rugs or other decor along the delivery path, where possible
  • — Keep pets away from the delivery path to prevent them from being accidentally hurt or otherwise impeding the delivery

Step 3: Getting Through Your Front Door

To calculate whether a piece of furniture or large item will fit through your door, you'll need to know your entryway's width and height. You might need to also note the clearance (distance from the door to the next prominent obstacle e.g. wall, bannister) if the item is to enter a particularly tight area.

Furniture will not fit through a door if:

  • — The width of the item is greater than both the entryway clearance and height
  • — The entryway width is less than all three of these measurements: the item's height, depth and width

DeHome DeHome DeHome

Expert Tip: When our delivery team arrives, this is the best time to advise where you would like the item to be placed and in which position, whether it’s to be aligned with a TV, a rug or a window


Step 4: Navigating Hallways & Door Frames

Great news. Your new furniture can fit through your door but, unless you plan to keep it there, you’ll need to check the dimensions of all hallways and doors along the delivery path. Here are some guidelines:

  • — Hallway width at narrowest point must be wider than the item's depth or height
  • — Internal door widths must be wider than the item's depth or height
  • — Internal door height must be greater than the item's width (if the piece can't be carried horizontally)


Expert Tip: Take note of hanging fixtures, low ceilings, etc. along the delivery path and factor these into your measurements


Step 5: Scaling The Stairs

Getting furniture to an upper level is no easy feat but our delivery team are experienced with even the trickiest stair situation. Unless you have a very wide staircase with large landings, this usually requires standing the furniture piece up on its end. Remember these points:

  • — Stairway width at narrowest point must be wider than the item's depth or height, plus space to manoeuvre
  • — Any stairway landings must be wider and deeper than item's depth and height plus space to manoeuvre
  • — If our team are required to lift the item over a banister, there must be enough clearance between the top of the banister and the ceiling


Expert Tip: If you’d like to give yourself even more peace of mind, you can wrap your banister in blankets or foam to protect it.


Step 6: Taking The Lift?

If our delivery team will need to bring up your item in a lift, it is important to measure the lift which will be used as well. Please confirm the below measurements:

  • — Lift door width must be wider than the item's width or height
  • — Lift interior must be wider and deeper than the item's depth and height, plus room for one person
  • — Lift interior height (bearing in mind any hanging lighting) must be greater than the item's width
  • — Lift weight allowance must be at least 80kgs more than the item's weight to allow for one delivery person


Expert Tip: Some apartment buildings can grant personal access to a lift which would make delivery even easier. If your building offers this, please arrange in advance.


Step 7: Positioning In Your Home

Once your new furniture has been brought to the designated room, our delivery team will position it in its final spot as instructed by you. And whilst some delivery companies might leave your home messier than it was before they arrived, the goal of our expert delivery team and white glove service is to ensure that your home is left more beautiful than it was when they arrived—with your lovely new piece of furniture in place.


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