Interior Design Journey

How To Start Your Interior Design Journey:

Your Interior Journey:

Welcome to the wonderful world of interior design! By reading this, you are either at the beginning of your journey or wish to learn more about it. Here we can share with you all about what you should be doing in order to get started to get your interior design journey started.

First thing’s first: knowing if this career is suited for you. You need to ask yourself these questions.
1) Do you enjoy making the physical space of a room match its intended purpose?
2) Are you willing to work long hours on your projects?
3) Can handle criticism gracefully? If so, this might be the right career for you!
4) Love design and colour schemes?
5) Like to think critically?

Then interior design might just be the career for you! I’d suggest starting out with simple projects in order to get your feet on the ground, like designing a cafe or bar. Such places require an understanding of layout, colour schemes (colours that go well together), decorating and what kind of items will be sold.

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This can be done by preparing an interior design portfolio. It is important to have a designated place for your work, so that you don’t lose any of it. Your laptop is not an ideal choice because hard-drives crash and data gets lost, etc. Digital portfolios are also not advisable because they are challenging to share with others and can’t be handled like physical objects.

I’d recommend using a scanner (this option is the most affordable) or getting an A3 flatbed scanner (these aren’t too expensive either).

If you plan on working as a freelancer and want to impress your clients, invest in a large format printer.

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